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Growing a manufacturers' representative agency takes more than just product lines. It takes strong leaders. 
To help us realize our vision, we look to these talented people for inspiration and leadership:

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Gil D. Talamo
President & CEO

Gil is a graduate electrical engineer. Upon graduation of N.Y. Maritime with a B.E. in Electrical Engineering, Gil entered General Electric's prestigious Technical Marketing Program as a Sales Engineer in training. Gil came off the program as a full-fledged Sales Engineer after only 1 year on the program. After 4 years with General Electric, Gil left GE to become a District Sales Engineer with Cooper Industries, Bussmann Division in Southern California. 

After several years working on the West Coast, Gil was transferred at his request back to New York where he grew up. Gil continued to work for Bussmann in the New York Marketplace concentrating on the Electrical Consulting Engineering community of NYC. Looking to broaden his opportunities as a Sales Engineer, Gil joined Tri-Tech as a Technical Specialist concentrating primarily at the Specification Level to solidify Tri-Tech's manufacturer's presence and spec position. 

After 8 years with the Company, Gil's exceptional talents and efforts have led to a partnership/ownership in Tri-Tech Sales and was named Vice President, Sales & Marketing in March of 1999. Gil is a holder of two US patents.


(516) 849-9881  (cell)

Robert M. Tuniewicz
Founder and Former President & CEO

Bob has recently retired but was the Founder and Former President & CEO of Tri-Tech Sales Assoc., providing engineering sales and service for more then 20 major electrical manufacturers. He is still President and CEO of ACD Inc., a global manufacturer of air conditioning disconnects, electrical panels and pump controls for spas and pools. Holder of 9 U.S. patents.

Prior to starting Tri-Tech Sales, Bob was previously with Cooper Industries, Bussmann Fuse Division for five years as a District Sales Engineer, where he was responsible for over $3 million in sales and was awarded Bussmann's first National Sales Award. Bob was also a project manager for five years with Zwicker Electric, one of the major New York City electrical contractors. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the New York Institute of Technology.

Bob Tuniewicz has been a staple in the electrical sales representative world for many years and is well known at the electrical distributors, contractors and electrical manufacturers. He leaves Tri-Tech in great hands and will always be available to the team for his guidance and support.



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