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Our Electrical Linecard

Tri-Tech proudly represents the following Quality Manufacturers in the New York, New Jersey Metropolitan area:

Compare to: Eaton/Bussmann, LittelFuse

Mersen is a global expert in materials and solutions for extreme environments as well as in the safety and reliability of electrical equipment.

UL/CSA Fuses, Fuse Blocks, Amp-Trap Fuses, Elevator Power Modules, GE Medium Voltage Fuses, Equivalalent to Bussmann's Quick Spec Coordination Panel, Leader in Arc Flash Protection, Photovoltaic Fuses (1000VDC & 600VDC), Solar Protection Devices, SPD UL1449 3rd Edition Surge Protection Devices

VERSABAR IS a leading U.S. manufacturer of metal framing and components.

Strut, Channel, Fittings, Stainless Steel, HDGAF Custom Fabrication

Stoked in NJ- American Made

Made in The USA


Compare to: Hubbell, Cooper/EATON, Appleton

Meltric Corporation's complete line of Industrial duty plugs and receptacles, UL and CSA, Switch-Rated plug and receptacle with Nema 4X Protection, Approved Line of Sight Disconnect, Enable Plug & Play Motor change outs, Enable worker safety and simplify NFPA70E compliance, Safer than old Pin & Sleeve and Twist Lock Receptacle's, Hazardous location rated plugs and recptacles

Made in The USA


One Source...Electrical & Lighting

Insulated Connectors, Grounding, Alum & Copper Mechanical Lugs, Weather Proof Boxes, Electrical Tape, Wiring Devices, Insulating Piercing Connectors, Occupancy Sensors, In Wall Timers, LED Lighting, etc

Single & Three Phase Digital Electronic KWH/Demand Meters, Ethernet & Modbus Smart Meters, Verifeye Software, Resi/Commercial Metering products for Gas, BTU, Steam & Water

Compare to: Leviton, Quadlogic

The Industry Leader in Metering for over 25 years. New or Retro-Fit Stand Alone Metering Products. Automatic Meter Reading Systems. E-MON offers Flexible Metering solutions for all applications.

Made in The USA



Floor Boxes, Covers and Poke-Thru Devices



Line Voltage Thermostats, Low Voltage Thermostats, Programmable Thermostats, Non-Programmable Thermostats, WiFi Thermostats, Switches & Timers, Carbon Monoxide Detectors, Relays, Contactors, Transformers, Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's) 

Electric Heaters, Wall & Ceiling Heaters, Baseboard Heaters, Floor Heating, Roof and Gutter De-Icing Heating Cables, Snow Melting Systems, Hand Dryers, Freeze Protection Cable


Micro Switches, Mueller Clips, Indicator Lights, Safety Products, Tools Fasteners, Contactors, Relays

Compare to: Topaz

Steel Fittings, Maellable Iron Fittings, EMT & Rigid Couplings, Elbows, Nipples, Hangers & Supports, Conduit Bodies, Split Bolts, Copper Lugs, Grounding Products, "Smart Box" Products

Knockout Sets, Fish Tape, Switches, Staples, Cable Pullers & Benders, Sperry Test Instruments, U-Phase Markers, etc.

Compare to: Salsbury, NSA 

Cementex's complete offering of American made double-insulated 1000V safety tools and personal protective equipment help you meet the requirements of OSHA, NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 standards.

Made in The USA

AC & Fixture Whips, Underground Splice Kits, Temporary Lighting (CFL, HID & 60W and 100 W) Tube Guards for T8, T12 & T5 Fluorescent Lamps, Landscape Light Posts, Lamp Holders, GU24 Lamp Holders, LED Closet Lights, Range & Dryer Cords, Laundry Drops, Grounding Pigtails, Vaportite Fixtures, T8 and T5 Retro Fit Kits

Made in The USA

Roof De-Ice Systems, Pipe Tracing, Snow Melting, Permafrost Prevention

Made in The USA


Ship Auger Bits, Spade Bits, Step Bits, Hole Saws, Bit Holders, SDS Bits, Insert Bits, Nut Setters, Jobbers


Extra Duty Plastic In-Use Covers, Weatherproof Boxes and Covers, Wallplates, Conduit Bodies, Photocontrols, Custom Engraving & Silkscreening

Compare to: Danfoss, Nu-Heat, Easy Heat

Under Floor Electric Radiant Heating Mats

Warm Wire Radiant Floor Heating Kits

Electric Snow and Ice Melting Kits & Cables

Made in The USA

Compare to: Greenlee, STI, 3M

Wire Pulling Tools: Strong Arm Puller, Single-Use Wire Grabber

Fire Stop Metacaulk Products, Cleaners and Degreasers, PVC Low-VOC Solvent Cements, Aerosols

Compare to: Mulberry, Red Dot, Topaz

Weatherproof Outdoor Boxes & Covers, Lamp Holders & Accessories, Extra Duty Plastic In-Use Covers

Stock in Elizabeth, NJ


15, 20, 30 & 50 Amp Twist Lock Plug & Receptacles

15 & 20 amp Straight Blade Devices

Compare to: Fluke, Flir, IRISS

IR Windows, Viewing Windows, Dual View Windows, Large Format Dual View Windows, Ultrasound Ports, UL Listed

Made in The USA

Stock in Rochester, NY

Compare to: Cope, B-Line, Snake Tray

Ladder Cable Tray (aka: Ladder Tray, Ladder Support, Rung Tray)
Wire Mesh Cable Tray (aka: Wire Tray, Basket Tray, Mesh Tray)
Series 6 Cable Tray (aka: Trough Tray, Channel Tray, Solid bottom Tray)
Series 5 Cable Tray (aka: Channel Tray, Narrow Tray)
Shielded Cable Tray (aka: Protected Tray)

Fire Stop Products

Made in The USA

LED Security Lights with and without Motion Sensor

LED Decorative Fixtures, Wired and Wireless Door Chimes

Support Grips, Pulling Grips, Splicing Grips, Strain Relef Grips, Deluxe Cord Crips, Kellem Grips

Stock in CT, American Made

Made in The USA

Exhaust Fans, All Purpose Fans, Air Circulators, Ceiling Fans


LED Rated Photo Cells

Mechanical Time Clocks

Stock in NJ

Bulk Cable, Wall Plates, Tools and Testers, HDMI Accessories, Audio/VideoCables, Network & Datacom


Insualted Connectors, #2 - 750 MCM Dual Rated for use with Copper and/or Aluminum Cables, UL Listed

Stock in NY

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