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Meet Our Inside Sales Staff

Our dedication to service is evident in our highly qualified personnel. Tri-Tech Sales is proud to recognize the commitment and efforts of our staff:

Jason Kahn
Vice President & General Manager - Inside Sales

Since graduating from Stony Brook University in September of 1992 with a degree in political science, Jason has held various sales and marketing positions in the electronic distribution marketplace. 

Jason joined Tri-Tech's sales team bringing a high degree of pro-active sales capabilities. His team motivational skills have helped to improve our overall sales team's ability to close business. Jason has recently taken over as office manager and is responsible for all customer relations as well as quotation and technical issues.

In 2018, Jason Kahn was promoted to Partner in Tri-Tech Sales based on many years of dedication and success.

(631) 642-0087 
Vanessa Homar
Inside Sales

Vanessa is the newest member if Tri-Tech.

She is brand new to our industry but has shown she is a quick learner and can multi task. Vanessa has excellent customer service skills and will add to the exceptional inside staff at Tri-Tech Sales.


(631) 642-0087 

(631) 642-0087 
Erica Blanco
Office Manager & Inside Sales

Erica brings to Tri-Tech 7 years of customer service experience in the retail and restaurant industries. Her ability to multi task should prove to be an asset to our team.  

Erica has been a valuable asset to both the Tri-Tech team and more importantly to Tri-Tech's clients.

Olga Villacorta
Inside Sales

Welcome Back Olga!


(631) 642-0087 

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